The Dangers of Freedom

The Dangers of Freedom

by Mark Cameron Cummings

Every generation since and including the birth of this country men and women have died in the name of freedom. Think about this fact for a minute, countless people die for freedom. So I ask do u feel any more free now than at the birth of this nation?

The fact that this country was founded on freedom is completely contradictory. As Ben Franklin left the signing of the constitution when asked “Dr. What do we have now?” His reply, “a republic, if you can keep it”. I question the knowledge the founding fathers had of what would become of this(not even considering African-American slaves). Now present day, countless men and women still die for the same freedom. We have been completely programmed into “the land of the free” and I’d say anyone reading this should agree we are all slaves.

Keeping this brief, what is the next chapter? I would say revolution is inevitable. This is where this term becomes even more frightening because it’s the sole thing so many people are seeking present day, after all the countless deaths in the fight for it. Politicians are still running on the basis of giving us more freedom, this is a disturbing cycle from the start which needs to be broken, it needs to be broken within the modern-day “movement”. Too many people will not question anything and jump on board with the Russell Brand’s and Ted Cruz’s of the world with their message of freedom.

In closing my thoughts are, freedom must come from within first, no contract, no piece of paper, no government will give us freedom, so be on high alert on anyone looking to give you freedom.

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