How To Lawfully Avoid Paying Income Tax. [Video]


Everyone wants out of paying the oppressive Federal Income Tax. In this video, I explain the only way to do that, without landing you in prison.

Millions of Americans are opposed to taxes, and more specifically, the income tax. Many so-called “tax protestors,” (as the government calls them), have tried to come up with clever ways to get out of paying income tax. Often, devising quasi-legal documents that have at times, even been sold to unsuspecting patriots or otherwise average people who just wanted the government out of their pockets.

Usually, it ends bad for the patriot mythologist, and his victims who often find themselves doing time in federal prison.

In this 45 minute video. I break down the only way you can avoid paying, or having a tax liability. This is not a scheme or a legal magic trick. This ia a lifestyle change and a way of business.

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By Andrew Pontbriand

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