Brussels Bombing: Crisis Actor Holding Fake Baby?

fake baby

Here we are all over again. In the wake of the Brussels bomb attack more and more people are starting to wake up and do their own research instead of relying on the mainstream media, who manipulates us over and over again. I want to share this footage taken from the airport that shows a man holding what appears to be a fake baby. I have watched this over and over and it absolutely does not look like a real infant. And really, who holds a baby like that anyway? 

Put yourself in the shoes of that man, would you be carrying a baby like that? I know I’d be protecting the baby the best I could. Look at the baby, look at it’s arms and head.

Enough is enough people! Naysayers need to stop dismissing these things and get on the right side of history! Watch the video below and please share this article around, we need to expose these fakes!

Also see: BUSTED! CCTV Footage Shows Brussels Airport Explosion Was Shot In 2011


Below is an interview we did with Filmmaker/Author William Shanley who dared to file lawsuits on the Mainstream Media over the Sandy Hook False Flag. Listen to his story of what happened to him afterwards!

Sandy Hook Shanley YT


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