Jared Lee Loughner Files $25M Lawsuit Against Gabby Giffords for MK Ultra, Microchips in His Head to Make Him an Assassin


On Friday, March 18 Jared Lee Loughner allegedly filed a $25 million lawsuit in Arizona against the Bureau of Prisons and Gabrielle Giffords for psychological and emotional distress.

The local channel that reported on it claims the lawsuit may be a hoax.

The lawsuit, however, claims the shooting was a hoax, a false flag to justify a new world order. 

Some of the claims in this lawsuit (source with notes added):

• Loughner is innocent and was hand-picked [and framed] to be an assassin [under the CIA’s MK Ultra program].

• Giffords was never shot and learned to act the part by watching Ronald Reagan movies.

• Loughner is being waterboarded every day by agents from the NSA, CIA and ATF.

• Microchips have been placed in his head and he is the victim of a worldwide conspiracy.

• Giffords is part of the Illuminati, a supposed secret organization of the most powerful people in the world [lawsuit also claims Loughner has proof of her dancing at Bohemian Grove with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and “Jewish entities”.]

• Loughner is being targeted with chemtrails, which have made him sick and delusional.

• Giffords help set up rancher Cliven Bundy [it is also claimed she stole money from government pensions to finance the San Bernardino shooters].

• Mark Kelly, Giffords’ husband and a former American astronaut, planted illegal spy equipment in the skies to spy on Americans.

The suit also claims Giffords and other reps are under mind control and are part of a global plot to take away Americans’ civil liberties.

Loughner also reportedly claims his lawyer is a “global spy” that forced him to plead guilty to the January 2011 shooting that left six people dead and during which Gabrielle Giffords was shot in January 8, 2011 Tucson shooting, in which he shot then U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in the head, severely injuring her. He accuses the same lawyer of setting up the Tsarnaev brother who went down for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Loughner is currently serving seven consecutive life sentences plus 140 years at the Federal Medical Center, Rochester, a federal prison where they put prisoners with special health issues in Minnesota.

On his Wikipedia page, Loughner is described as a conspiracy theorist:

His friend Zach Osler noted that conspiracy theories had a profound effect on Loughner. He was a member of the message board Above Top Secret, which discusses conspiracy theories; members of the site did not respond warmly to his posts. Loughner espoused conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks, the New World Order, and believed in a 2012 apocalypse, among other controversial viewpoints. Reports appearing after the shooting noted similarities between the statements made by Loughner and those publicized by the far-right conspiracy theorist David Wynn Miller.

Sure seems like this story fits a certain… narrative, doesn’t it?

It’s truly bizarre, though. This is at least the fourth infamous case of someone claiming they were mind controlled with microwave weapons and/or microchips by the government into committing what turned out to be highly publicized acts of mass violence in America in recent years if you consider the Navy yard shooter Aaron Alexis, FSU shooter Myron Mays, and the Uber car driver that allegedly killed six people after he said he was mind controlled by his smart phone.

The Lawsuit can be found here.

Source: Daily Sheeple

Below is an interview we did with a Filmmaker who dared to file lawsuits on the Mainstream Media over the Sandy Hook False Flag. Listen to his story of what happened to him afterwards!

Sandy Hook Shanley YT


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2 thoughts on “Jared Lee Loughner Files $25M Lawsuit Against Gabby Giffords for MK Ultra, Microchips in His Head to Make Him an Assassin

  1. that myron may was an innocent patsy of a cointelpro false flag psyop has been demonstrated* beyond a shadow of a doubt: he was a witness to grand embezzlement to the tune of $7.2 billion, had worked with spencer barash (still under investigation), spencer’s brother matthew miles barasch appeared on dr phil as the ‘crazy targeteted individual with anger issues who heard voices’ – exactly as myron was subsequently falsely portrayed – and miles works at exposed disinfo front group ffchs with criminally fraudulent confessed “CIA perp” (alias) ‘dr’ robert duncan. whose intentionally discrediting ‘mind-reading super-computers satellite network” pseudo-science myron was supposed to have been promoting! *(anthony forwood was disappeared after proving myron’s complete innocence: http://exposinginfragard.blogspot.ca/2015/05/blood-money-who-really-killed-myron-may.html)

    The cia’s manchurian program is discussed by julianne mckinney (also from ffchs, “ex” army intel the way duncan is “ex” cia) and jesse ventura (who also promoted the cia’s duncan on-air despite the fact that he lies about the ph’d and his admittedly “flawed” theory): after dr donald ewan cameron achieved success with hypnosis and electro-shock creation of unwitting second persona assassins, he was installed as prez of the world, usa and cdn psych assoc’ns,where he performed over 4000 non-consensual brain implant mind control surgeries – i happen to be one of the recipients of this clandestine ‘honour’, and my skull is crisscrossed with surgical scars for the “broken cheek-bone” for which which i was hospitalized for two weeks without official records – it is worth noting that my operation in ottawa was performed the year after cameron was expired prematurely, and that i am aware of others who have received similar treatment here

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