Twin Comets Whizzed By Earth, Fulfilling The Last Hopi Prophecy Before The Arrival Of Nibiru


It has been said that the Hopi Indians were the most spiritually enlightened culture to have lived…I encourage everyone to research the binary star/dwarf sun coming back through the solar system, the ancients all knew about the suns twin star that comes back around every 3600 years. Binary star systems are the rule, rather than the exception….almost all suns have a twin, or companion sun. and in many parts of the world it’s visible near the sun in the early morning. If you do a “two suns” search on YouTube or even here this blog you will see videos of the second sun from people around the world. We should all heed the warnings handed down to us by our elders. 

The Hopi have seen the coming of the Red Kachina, our binary star that is on it’s way back. Events as we have been witnessing are only the beginning of the changes our planet and all upon it are about to experience. The ancients who all predicted these times, knew it not by prophecy but by knowing the binary twins cycle and being aware of the changes that accompany it’s appearance in the skies. When the Red Kachina paints our skies with red the color of blood we will know that the purifying will begin.

Source: Ascending Star Seed

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1 thought on “Twin Comets Whizzed By Earth, Fulfilling The Last Hopi Prophecy Before The Arrival Of Nibiru

  1. I have just experienced the pain n suffering of my Sister as she passed from her Eartlly body to the Spirit World once again….the Powers of our Heavens are real …n we are the ones passing thru another era of our Eternity life……

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