American People Finally Display The Power Of Their Voice

By: Erick Shute

The Food Babe, Vani Hari, has done it. In my period of 6 years being awake and being active in the freedom movement I have never seen a perfect political attack move so fast and result in a response as fast as the attack generated from Subway with over 50,000 signatures on a petition and a massive social media outburst in 24 hours. What this does is lay ground work for what needs to be done daily. We have ourselves the greatest political weapon now perfected that Alex Jones, Infowars and Prison Planet has wielded by his very successful radio, nightly news broadcast, magazines, apparel and much more great quality products that I personally use. I have been an Alex Jones listener for a few years now. If it was not for Alex Jones I would not have the knowledge, strength, and ability to calculate and put together so quickly how everything works in the game of psychopath elitist. Continue reading

Citizens Awareness Vanguard Website Under Construction

We’re going to be revamping the site, we’re sorry we haven’t posted anything in awhile but we will be back once we have reconstructed our page. Thanks

Harvard Evacuates 4 Buildings For ‘Unconfirmed Reports Of Explosives’


CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Harvard University is evacuating four buildings on campus after unconfirmed reports of explosives. Continue reading

Leaked: Pussy Riot, Greenpeace activists included in draft amnesty

The members of the Pussy Riot punk band, Greenpeace activists and protesters jailed after the May 2012 Bolotnaya demonstration will be freed in an amnesty dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution, Izvestia newspaper claims. Continue reading

Ep.17- JFK, UFO’s, & MSM w/Guest Tim Swartz

Tim Swartz, Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer and the author of several books which include Admiral Byrd’s Secret Journey Beyond The Poles, The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla : HAARP – Chemtrails and Secret of Alternative 4, and The Secret Space Program, joins Chris and Mark to discuss JFK, UFO’s, the corporate run mainstream media & more. We had some random sound issues with my end, but it was a great interview either way. Also, we were cut off early for some reason, so that is why the show just comes to an end. But don’t worry, we will be having Tim back for a Part 2 soon!

The Dangers of Freedom

The Dangers of Freedom

by Mark Cameron Cummings

Every generation since and including the birth of this country men and women have died in the name of freedom. Think about this fact for a minute, countless people die for freedom. So I ask do u feel any more free now than at the birth of this nation? Continue reading


Maximum 10-year prison term for conviction of new offense

A bill that bans the wearing of masks during a riot or unlawful assembly and carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence with a conviction of the offense became law today. Continue reading

Rand Paul: Israel is “one friend that never leaves our side, has never wavered”

In case you missed this absurd joke, the latest from yarmulke-wearing Rand Paul. On November 12, 2013 RandAddressed Cadets at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C and gave these incredible comments: Continue reading

Beirut blast: Double bombing near Iran embassy kills at least 23, injures 146

Two blasts near the Iranian embassy in Beirut killed at least 23 people, injuring 146 and causing havoc and a massive fire in the Lebanese capital. Six buildings were reportedly destroyed in the embassy compound. Continue reading

SEAL Team 6 Bin Laden Shooter Says Suspect Did Not Look Like Bin Laden

During a 60 Minutes interview, a SEAL Team 6 member who fired at a subject alleged to be Osama Bin Laden, said that he did not recognize the subject as being Bin Laden.

George Zimmerman Charged With Felony Aggravated Assault

November 18, 2013

by Chris J. Perkins


George Zimmerman was taken into custody Monday afternoon after his girlfriend called 911 to report a dispute, according to Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma of the Seminole County Sheriff’s office. Lemma also told reporters that Zimmerman has been charged with aggravated assault, battery, domestic violence, and criminal mischief. Continue reading

Economic Warfare: Philippines Offered $500 Million in Aid

The World Bank is offering the Philippines $500 Million in the form of a loan. Benevolence, or a chance to own more land, people, and resources?
November 18, 2013
Andrew V Pontbriand

The recent Typhoon in the Philippines was one of the largest storms in recorded history, causing devastation unimaginable to the human mind. Some reports estimate as many as 10,000 dead or missing. The storm itself had sustained winds at 195+ MPH, and displaced and affected 9.8 million people, and 500,000 homes. Continue reading

‘Paradigm shift’: Surging Bitcoin to replace ‘broken’ government currencies

Reuters / Jim Urquhart

The Bitcoin virtual currency is up 24.5 percent in 24 hours, touching a new record of $619. The surge is “the beginning of something spectacular,” with it potentially displacing the dollar, Jeffrey Tucker of the Foundation for Economic Education told RT. Continue reading

FBI entrapped Anonymous and Spied on World Governments

Million Mask March D.C. Live Video Stream

Million Mask March Live Video Stream


Million Mask March

Ep.15 – w/Guests Jason Bermas & Michael Salvi

Tonight at 9pm EST!!

Shade – The Motion Picture by Jason Bermas & Shepard Ambellas

CAV Radio & Resistance Journals Radio Halloween Special Part 1

CAV Radio & Resistance Journals Radio Halloween Special Part 1


CAV Radio & Resistance Journals Radio Halloween Special Part 2

CAV Radio & Resistance Journals Radio Halloween Special Part 2

Halloween Special Radio Show

Citizens Awareness Vanguard The Resistance Journals are teaming up to bring you a Live Halloween Special Radio Show. Open lines for anyone with a ufo or paranormal story of any kind. Chris & Andrew will be discussing topics such as paranormal, UFO’s, the occult, and/or anything in relation to Halloween. 

Halloween Special Part 1   9pm EST – 11pm EST

Halloween Special Part 2  11pm EST – 1am EST Continue reading

Maddow: Rand Paul needs to explain Wikipedia plagiarism if he wants to run for president

Maddow Rand Paul serial plagiarism

On Tuesday night’s edition of “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Rachel Maddow discussed the growing plagiarism scandal around Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who appears to have serially plagiarized Wikipedia entries in his speeches. Paul’s office has refused to speak to the Maddow Show about the accusations, but the questions, Maddow said, aren’t going to go away. Continue reading

Taiwan’s new army uniforms are downright scary!

 Forget Halloween, these might be the scariest costumes you see this fall. The Taiwanese government recently unveiled their new Special Forces armor, and it’s pretty terrifying. The new uniforms feature bulletproof armor and a ballistic face mask that make soldiers look like a villain in a horror movie.

Continue reading

Vulnerabilities in some Netgear router and NAS products open door to remote attacks

Netgear's N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit RouterVulnerabilities in the management interfaces of some wireless router and network-attached storage products from Netgear expose the devices to remote attacks that could result in their complete compromise, researchers warn. Continue reading

13 yr old with replica assault rifle was shot 7 times in 10 seconds

A photo of Andy Lopez Cruz is shown at a makeshift memorial at the site of his death in Santa Rosa, California October 24, 2013. (Reuters/Robert Galbraith)

The shooting death of a 13-year-old California boy believed to be carrying an assault rifle unfolded in no more than 10 seconds, police said. Andy Lopez Cruz, who was later found to be carrying a plastic replica, was struck by seven bullets. Continue reading

US against new sanctions as Iran prepares to protect ‘inalienable’ nuclear right at P5+1 talks

Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran (AFP Photo)The leading US negotiator in nuclear diplomacy with Iran has asked US politicians to pause any new sanctions against Tehran. Meanwhile Iranian lawmakers seem adamant to protect the “inalienable right” for nuclear research during the next P5+1 talks.

Continue reading

Syria rebels executed civilians, says Human Rights Watch


(BBC) – A report by the US-based group says the deaths occurred in villages inhabited predominantly by members of President Bashar al-Assad’s minority Alawite sect near the coastal city of Latakia. Continue reading

Magic trick: promoting diseases that don’t exist


(Activist Post) – The disease/treatment/profit machine requires more and more diseases, even if they aren’t real.

Here is an unspoken but largely accepted medical notion of what a disease is: Continue reading

AVTM Vs The “Crip”

I’ve literally waited months to sit down and actually write some sort of piece on events surrounding the incident on Independence Day brought forth by Adam Kokesh’s action with his shotgun at Freedom Plaza in the middle of the District of Criminals, well folks here it is. Continue reading

BREAKING Car Bomb Kills 3, Injures 12 in Russia


By Andrew V Pontbriand
September 23, 2013


In what appears to be a suicide Car bombing in the Tabasaransky District, in the Dagastan Republic of Southern Russia, 3 people have been killed, including one police officer. The bombing took place during roll call just outside of the Police Station. Continue reading

Five Little Known Facts About The Pentagon

By: Andrew V Pontbriand

The Pentagon to most people is simply the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. This megalithic structure and its 5,100,00 feet of reinforced concrete, with 17 miles of hallway corridors remains as one of the worlds largest office building on the planet. However, there are some facts the public are completely unaware of about the Pentagon. Continue reading

US-Russia reach landmark deal on destruction of Syria chemical weapons arsenal

Russia and the United States reached a deal on a framework that will see the destruction or removal of Syria’s chemical weapons by mid- 2014. Under the plan, the Assad government has one week to hand over an inventory of its chemical weapons arsenal. Continue reading

McCain will fight back Putin with column in Russian paper

Russian newspaper Pravda has agreed to publish a column by Sen. McCain that will attack Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Hawkish American Senator John McCain has decided to write a column in a Russian newspaper to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who criticized the United States.

Continue reading

10 reasons why diplomatic solution is unlikely in Syria

Over the past few days, there has been a tremendous wave of optimism that it may be possible for war with Syria to be averted. Unfortunately, it appears that a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria is extremely unlikely.

Continue reading

9/11 Drill at Logan Airport Sparks outrage

Andrew Pontbriand

The Resistance Journals

The Massachusetts Port Authority and the Boston Fire Department conducted a drill Wednesday, the 12th anniversary of 9/11. The drill involved what appeared to be a plane on fire. Boston Logan Airport tweeted that the smoke and fire was part of a drill. Continue reading

US Department of Justice wants Bush and senior cabinet members exempt from Iraq War trial

US President George W. Bush addresses the nation aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln 01 May, 2003. Bush declared major fighting over in Iraq, calling it "one victory in a war on terror" which he said would continue until terrorists are defeated.  (AFP Photo/Stephen Jaffe) Continue reading

What Has Congress Done This Year?

Congress What Has Congress Done This Year?

August marks the month that Congress has their annual five-weeklong recess. So what has Congress done to better the state of the country over the past seven months? Well, to put it simply, not that much. Continue reading

9 Cities In America Running Out Of Water


Water is one of our most precious and neglected natural resources. Without an abundant water supply life as we know would not exist. Everyday we take for granted the fact that we turn on the faucet and an unlimited supply of blue gold is delivered to our door step. Continue reading

Eric Holder: “widespread incarceration…is both ineffective and unsustainable”

In news that is no less stunning for beingtelegraphed, the attorney general of the United States today is declaring America’s drug war-led over-incarceration a moral failure, and announcing new federal rules to deliberately evade mandatory minimum laws for drug offenses. Here’s The New York Times:

In a major shift in criminal justice policy, the Obama administration will move on Monday to ease overcrowding in federal prisons by ordering prosecutors to omit listing quantities of illegal substances in indictments for low-level drug cases, sidestepping federal laws that impose strict mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related offenses. Continue reading

Russia among countries atop NSA surveillance priority list

The Russian Government House on Moscow's Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. (RIA Novosti/Sergey Subbotin)

Russia, alongside the EU, China and Iran, are on top of the NSA’s spying priority list, according to a document leaked by fugitive Edward Snowden and published by Der Spiegel weekly. Continue reading

The Greatest Deception: How the zionist-cabal Masquerades Itself in the Muslim and Christian World


You have been victims of a divide-and-conquer strategy that has completely demoralized your people, created strife and tension and disunity which has successfully pitted Shia against Sunni, Muslim against Christian, Kurdish against their neighbors, and vice-versa on all previous groups mentioned, all benefitting the furtherance of “The jewish Utopia.”


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